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Bangkit – 11 Days That Changed The Nation for IFLIX

On the morning of 10th May 2018, Malaysians woke up to a new nation. For the first time since Malaysia’s independence, over half a century ago, Malaysia was now in the hands of a new government. But how did this happen? Looking back, the tides of change could be seen in the days leading up […]

Head Above Water

This is a story of a young Malaysian girl dreams of becoming a professional surfer, but must first navigate the concerns of her family and the cultural traditions of the small village she has grown to love. Our documentary was premiered at the arts and culture festival which ran alongside the Commonwealth Games on the […]

Demi Negaraku – Web Series

We follow a series of interesting Malaysians who have dedicated their lives to preserving age old heritage, helping underprivileged children as well as making the country proud. Our series are now available on YouTube: